Greetings! Aboru Aboye

Im Chief Abiye Ifayele Okungbemi Ayele Kumari and this is my husband, Awo Sangodare Obamakin Okikifa.

We are the Founders and Chief Priests of the Ashe Soul Global Village. 
First we want to welcome you and thank you for joining our community. We created this community site for Ashe Soul Global Village members to commune, learn and share with each other. We wanted to offer a private social network without the vulnerabilities found on more public social networks. 

We have different levels of membership and your membership levels determines your access to certain information. You can click HERE to learn about different membership levels.

It's free to sign up and with that comes access to the portal and the newsfeed. You must be a verified member to post but you can post questions and share information. 
For higher level of memberships where you can have access to discounts for divination, classes, ceremonies our private video chats, an upgrade in membership is required. Once you have, you can join the group for that membership level and access more content and the benefits.